J.A.D Rooney

Radical Rooney, as he prefers to be known, especially to the Taxman, was born and bred on the Falls Road, in Belfast, where he grew up in the fifties. To find work he had to immigrate to England, as a teenager, where he took up residence under Clacton Pier for six months. After varied jobs in England he then went to work on a Kibbutz, in Israel and later travelled to the States where he worked for a year before returning to England.

He developed an interest in Photography and Writing and published his own glossy magazine `Your Eyes’ in Brighton. His articles have been widely published and his poems have appeared in various anthologies, like South East Arts. He wrote a Photography column for `Sussex Scene’ and Hastings Council wish to use some of his ‘photos in their new brochure about Alexandra Park.

He was sponsored by Hampstead Council for a photography exhibition and some of the work sold there now hangs in Japan and America. He now runs his own Gallery in Mercatoria in Hastings. The “Mercatoria Portrait Studios” offer the highest possible quality photos and printing facilities using the latest Epson eleven-ink large format printers and 50 Megapixel Hasselblad cameras. Samples of his work may be browsed in the Photographs Page of this Site.

He has read at `The Poetry Society’ in Earls Court, and at numerous other venues, mainly Pubs and Clubs, and Poetry venues. He has been interviewed on radio and read for Southern Sound on a number of occasions. He is currently compiling a book about his experiences in soup kitchens, and a novel “For the Love of Dog”.

He has acquired many other interests and hobbies, among them Rifle shooting at Bisley and he has a full class `A’ Amateur Radio Licence, (G4-PXZ) having spoken to people around the world before mobile ‘phones even had a glint in their LEDs. He was recently written up by the Observer, as he happened to communicate with the Space Shuttle Columbia, receiving a QSL card from them before their tragic demise.

He has a number of Patents to his credit, and holds a current Press Card, having been a member of the N.U.J. for longer than he cares to remember. He spends much of his time helping the homeless in soup kitchens, and feels sustained by a strong Faith and love of God.

He has set up his own Domain, ‘’ , and operates through a high speed Hosting in London, as he offers a high quality free photograph, from his archive, with voiceovers of his poems. He has no formal qualifications, but joined ‘Mensa’ in 2005, having had his IQ. rated at one-five-five. He was so surprised by this result that he decided to stop wasting time and put together a book of poetry from the many thousands of poems he has written; this book is the result of those efforts. Combining as they do, ten sets of poems on ten different subjects, together with one hundred classical Haiku they comprise “The Century Collection”.